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Lisa Davis, the founder of Levant, has had a love for perfume from a very young age, drawn to how aromas can affect moods, lift the spirits and help set the scene for the variety of life’s scenarios.  In particular, her travels to the Middle East over the past five years have given her a wealth of inspiration. Arriving in grand hotel lobbies, wandering through busy market streets or perusing dramatic shopping malls, all of these experiences have ignited a passion to emulate the beautiful aromas of sweet vanilla and other spices that tingle the senses.

The fresh citrus smells from palm trees swaying in the breeze during a morning stroll along the beach.

The deep amber tones of a fiery Middle Eastern sunset, creating sultry and sensual moods as a backdrop to fabulous alfresco dining, basking in the final rays of the day as the sun drops below the horizon.

All of these wonderful experiences triggered emotions that ultimately led to the launch of Levant Perfume Ltd.

All of these intoxicating insights have shaped Lisa’s desire to provide fragrances that will stimulate and enrich the soul – deep lasting and luxurious aromas. Simply named – numbered Levant No. 1, through to Levant No. 7 – each brings its own unique tone and flavour.


The term Levant first appeared in English in the 1400s, and originally meant ‘The East’. It is borrowed from the French word, levant, meaning ‘rising’, referring to the rising of the sun in the east, or the point where the sun rises


From scents and standards, to people and packaging, we focus on achieving the highest quality. Unlike the mass-produced and highly – synthetic perfumes that are widely available, Levant scents are made in a perfumery in Dubai concentrating on high-quality and hand-crafted manufacturing processes. With attention to detail and creativity, we use primarily natural ingredients that are carefully blended in small batches, before being hand-poured into bottles. We combine our scents with some of the finest French oils, giving each perfume longevity for hours of beautiful aromas.


Levant is committed to designing scents that create positive emotions and improve wellbeing. Your sense of smell is one of the fastest ways to impact your cognitive and emotional state.
Levant is dedicated to partner and collaborate with women and women-owned businesses whenever possible. So far, Levant has engaged with a number of women-owned businesses for services including photography, graphic design, branding and public relations.


No animal or animal by-products are used in our products (with the exception of beeswax for candles). Our products are not tested on animals.


Levant supports and donates regularly to Smile For Joel, charity no. 1175874.

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